The City Of Evil

Wish You Were Here ;(
Sunday, September 9, 2012 | 3:49 AM | 0 Tear Drops
Nadz,I really need you. I miss all moment with you. 3 years not 3 month 3 weeks 3 days. Its 3years. I miss you,miss you badly :(

Can you be here for me?  Beside me? Wipe all my tears. I wish you were here. Really need you. Day by day,weeks by weeks, month by month , years by years I waiting you. But,its just a dream. :'(

Yesterday,I saw you! Beside me. Give big smile for me. You reach my hand and said I love you forever....


If the only place I could see you was  in my dreams,I'd sleep forever....
Much Love, Aries :) 

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